Lady Day
On Lady Day (25.03) people started celebrating noon and did so until St. Bartholomew’s Day. Hens and pigs, boys and girls were given the key. This means that the hens and pigs were let out to find their own food. The girls could go and sleep in the barn and the boys were allowed their first bundling. One had to get up early in the morning not to acquire the bear’s hibernation habit. It was a general custom to drink Mary’s Red, so as to stay beautiful, fresh and red for a long time. Women of the house baked cakes, so that their cabbages would grow wide leaves the bigger the cakes, the wider the leaves. On Lady Day Eve, trotters were boiled. "On Lady Day, the head of the Earth will be covered with banks of snow, it will be covered in these banks for 9 days and nights, it will then water, also for 9 days and nights, then the wind will blow and stay there for 9 days and nights. Only then will spring begin" (Halliste).

Maria, Marie, Maarja, Marja, Marje, Marjo, Marju, Mari, Marili, Marika, Maari, Maarika ja Mammi

Sun rise set Moon Phase
(EET) (GMT) (EET) (GMT) 4-th day of moon cycle:
waxing crescent

4-th day of moon cycle
Tallinn 06:12 04:12 18:44 16:44
Tartu 06:05 04:05 18:35 16:35
Pärnu 06:14 04:14 18:44 16:44
Paide 06:09 04:09 18:40 16:40
Narva 05:59 03:59 18:30 16:30
Kuressaare 06:22 04:22 18:52 16:52
Võru 06:04 04:04 18:34 16:34
Helsinki 06:11 04:11 18:44 16:44
Riga 06:17 04:17 18:46 16:46
Stockholm 06:39 04:39 19:11 17:11

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