Miks on sügisel ja talvel pilved madalamal kui suvel?

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O7KcCLCk, 06.09.2013 23:18
The TRF3765 looks to be a very nice part. The four outputs would be great for diirvng front-ends that serve different bands especially since you can power down each output individually.Making use of 4.8GHz (or even 4.4GHz) on standard two- or four-layer FR-4 fiberglass will be a challenge, I think. Are you planning to integrate an entire front-end next to the VCO+PLL, or send the PLL output off the PLL PCB, to a front-end board?

fJwiCpN1Df, 30.12.2015 01:18
Superb intomrafion here, ol'e chap; keep burning the midnight oil.




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