Tuesday, 24.04:
Night: Clouds are thickening. Rain will spread from islands over continent to east. In many places fog. Southeast wind increasing 5-11, on coastal areas in gusts up to 15 m/s, in the morning from western part veering to southwest, west and decreasing. Air temperature is 3..7, in northeastern part at first 1°C.
Day: Variable cloud. Rainshowers in many places. In afternoon possibility of rain will be decreasing. Before midday in eastern part southeast wind 5-11, on coast in gusts to 15 m/s, from western part is veering to southwest, west 3-9, on coast in gusts 12 m/s, towards evening southwest wind will be increasing. Air temperature is 8..13°C.

Wednesday, 25.04:
Night: Overcast with rain. South, southwest wind 4-9, on coasts in gusts 14 m/s. Air temperature is 3..6°C.
Day: Cloudy with bright spells. Rain showers in many places. Southwest, west wind 5-10, in gusts up to 14 m/s. Air temperature 6..10°C.

Thursday, 26.04:
Night: Variable clouds. In the morning possible rain showers in some places. Wind around west 4-10 m/s. Air temperature is 0..+5°C.
Day: Variable cloud. Rain showers in many places. West, southwest wind 4-10, on coasts in gusts 13 m/s. Air temperature 9..13, on windward coast around 6°C.

Friday, 27.04:
Night: Variable clouds. Rain showers in places. Southwest, west wind 3-9 m/s. Air temperature is 1..6°C.
Day: Cloudy with sunny spells. Rain showers. Southwest, west wind 3-9 m/s. Air temperature is 6..11, in the south-eastern regions up to 13°C.

Source: Estonian weather service

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