Weather at Sea
Night: Forecast for Baltic Sea valid 24 hours from 19:00 Nov 29 to 19:00 UTC Nov 30, 2020. Weather summary: weak Low moving over Gulf of Riga and filling up. Warning: no. Northern Baltic: around east, by day variable 2-7 m/s, in afternoon becoming southwest. Rain and sleet locally. Visibility good or moderate. Gulf of Finland: mainly northeast, east wind 4-9, in gusts 13 m/s, in morning gradually veering to southeast, south and on western part decreasing. In many places rain, sleet and snow. Visibility moderate. Moonsund, Northern Gulf of Riga: mainly northeast, east 3-9, by day mainly around south 2-7 m/s. In many places rain, sleet and too. Visibility moderate. Day:

Weather at lake Peipsi
Night: Around east wind 4-8 m/s. Wave height 0.3-0.8 m. Sleet and snow. Visibility moderate. Air temperature -1..+1°C. Day: Southeast, south wind 4-8 m/s. Wave height 0.3-0.7 m. At times some precipitation. Visibility mostly good. Air temperature 0..+2°C.

Source: Estonian weather service

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