Variable cloudiness in Northern Estonia and mainly dry. In Southern Estonia mainly cloudy and snow, sleet, at first also rain. North, northeast wind 2-9, on coast in gusts 12 m/s, in the morning increasing on islands up to 10, in gusts 15 m/s. Air temperature 0..-5, on islands coast and before midnight in Southern Estonia up to +2°C. Slippery roads!

Becoming more cloudy from south. Snowfall mainly in Southern Estonia and also blowing snow is likely there, light snow also possible on the northern coast. Northeast wind increasing 7-13, on coast in gusts 18, in the evening on islands and on the northern coast in gusts up to 21 m/s. Air temperature 0..-3, on islands coast up to +1°C. Slippery roads!

Source: Estonian weather service

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