St. George’s Day
On St. George’s Day (23.04) summer began, and along with this all summer work. The year for summer help, the work of the day workers, the days worked for the manor, the rental agreements all this started on St. George’s Day, which was therefore also the day of moving or re-locating oneself. The year for a person tending the cattle also started on St. George’s Day and ended on St. Michael’s Day. For the days after St. Michael so-called bun days the worker got extra pay. On St. George’s Day the after-meal naps began at farmhouses (a short nap after a meal). The weather on St. George’s Day was used to forecast the time for seeding in autumn if the ground was frozen in the morning, the seeding had to be done early in the autumn; when the ground melted, the seeding could wait. In Western and Southern Estonia, a fire was made at night on St. George’s Day; people cheered and fired guns so as to frighten the wolves away from the cattle. In Northeastern Estonia people had the custom of improving the milking-pails": "On St. George’s Day women went to the Lhtep tavern to make butter and improve their milking pails. A big barrel was placed in the middle of the yard and a ladle was moved around inside. Whenever a man was caught, he was put into the barrel and not released before he had tried some vodka" (Iisaku).

Georg, Jürgen, Jürgo, Jüri, Jürjo, Jürnas, Jüts ja Ürjo

Sun rise set Moon Phase
(EEST) (GMT) (EEST) (GMT) 14-th day of moon cycle:
waxing gibbous

14-th day of moon cycle
Tallinn 05:45 02:45 20:55 17:55
Tartu 05:41 02:41 20:43 17:43
Pärnu 05:50 02:50 20:52 17:52
Paide 05:44 02:44 20:50 17:50
Narva 05:31 02:31 20:41 17:41
Kuressaare 05:58 02:58 21:00 18:00
Võru 05:42 02:42 20:40 17:40
Helsinki 05:41 02:41 20:58 17:58
Riga 05:57 02:57 20:49 17:49
Stockholm 06:12 03:12 21:22 18:22

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