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M9FMvP6D, 25.11.2015 08:51
I am so happy to hear this post was helpful! Any other acivde people have I hope they comment and add to the list! Parag: The salary subject is a great question. I unfortunately don't have a good answer for this.. Does anyone out there have any acivde on how to handle salary expectations during an interview?In my experience salary hasn't come up until after the interview and over email with their offer letter. So its a little less on the spot, which is nice. Just in case you are asked during the interview I would have some kind of number or range in mind. You are probably in the same boat I was and have no idea what you are worth. I ended up asking a friend that is in the industry what he thought I should be getting paid. He gave me a good idea and I was confident in letting the studio know what I would like to get paid. Know your worth, and realistically. Be confident in your work and don't low ball yourself. But also don't ask for so much that you are insulting the studio. It's tricky, I know.. I hope this helps!

qQZgCLVIHQ, 08.12.2015 07:50
Unfortunately, the lens does not dictate depth of field. Merely utnliziig a 35mm still camera lens on an iPhone will not change the depth of field, unless an additional ground glass is inserted between the iPhone lens and the rear element of the 35mm lens and the iPhone re-photographs the image off the new ground glass (which would be larger than the iPhone's 1/6" sensor). Otherwise, the sensor size (one of the most important aspects of depth of field along with focal distance and aperture) remains the same. The only difference you'll get with different lenses are different focal lengths. It's an interesting experiment, but of little practical use whatsoever.All the best,Jay HolbenTechnical EditorDV Magazine




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